Where to Eat And What to Do Near Campsite?

Where to eat in Plzeň? Restaurants near campsite: Starobolevecká hospůdka Prokopávkahttps://www.prokopavkaplzen.cz/cz/restaurace/ Restaurace U Bolevákuhttps://www.ubolevaku.cz/ Pivovar Ravenhttps://www.pivovar-raven.cz/ Sokolovna Bolevec Restaurants in the city center: Restaurace Na Spilce v areálu Plzeňského Prazdroje Anděl café bistro http://www.andelcafe.cz/bistro/ Slunečnice – zdravé bistro Žumbera:http://www.zumbera.cz/ Pivstro:https://pivstro.cz/cs Pizzeria DaPietro:https://www.dapietroplzen.cz/ U Mansfelda:https://www.umansfelda.cz  Restaurants in the city Chválenda Pizza Coffee Shop http://www.pizzacoffeeshop.cz/ What to see […]

Recumbent meeting 2022

The recumbent meeting in the year 2022 will be organized in the small town Šternberk. The meeting will be organized on 4th – 8th August 2022. The route on Thursday goes the museum of historic cars in Olomouc. We will meet Loštice again on Friday, where we meet caver Mr. Beneš. There will be also […]

Wine Degustation

Who would like to try a wine degustation, please register at Jimi. The price per person with a small refreshment is 350,- CZK. The capacity is max. 40 people. The degustation will be at the wineyard Bučkovi in Sudoměřice https://vinarstvibuckovi.cz/ on saturday 4th September at the end of the ride. In case of the good weather, it […]

Eating in the Camp

If you are interested, it is possible to order breakfast and dinners. Just what you have to do to let them to know in advance the Campsite Lučina what would you like to have. For the running of this service it is needed to have at least 15 orders (people). The vegetarian version is also possible if you want.
OFFER: Breakfast 70,- Dinner 100,- / HALFBOARD (Breakfast + dinner) 150,-

Recumbent Meeting 2021

This time the recumbent meeting in the Czech Republic will be organized in the Autocamp Lučina near Tvarožná Lhota on 1st – 5th September 2021.

Please book the accomodation in advance at the email address riha.libor@seznam.cz or on the phone number +420 739 200 753. Please mention, that you are going the “RECUMBENT MEETING” (SRAZ LEHOKOL). Otherwise it may happen, that their reply will be “fully booked”.

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