Recumbent meeting 2022

The recumbent meeting in the year 2022 will be organized in the small town Šternberk. The meeting will be organized on 4th – 8th August 2022.

The route on Thursday goes the museum of historic cars in Olomouc.

We will meet Loštice again on Friday, where we meet caver Mr. Beneš. There will be also the light-ride in the evening with the sightseeing tour of the Augustinian monastery.

The tour on Saturday goes to Sv. Kopeček, a Forth in Radíkov and Velká Bystřice.

The last day (Sunday) is planned a short ride to Olomouc and to see interesting places there.

If you come sooner. you can visit Rešov’s waterfalls, Sovinec castle or Praděd’s gallery.

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