We welcome all fellow recumbent riders. The coronavirus crisis has somewhat stopped us from preparing the meeting, but the situation has improved and we started the preparations again. The registration is working already so please, register all the participants which will come with a recumbent bike, trike, or a velomobile (of course, all other bikes are welcomed as well!). Also, information about accommodation is available already and you can see all the registered participants as well.

The program is ready too but is kind of rough and we will improve it in the next weeks. We hope for many participants to come from abroad and also some people who should have a slideshow, but the crisis can change our plans so we will see how things will evolve.

We also have an idea about the rides we will do and we will prepare on-line maps for them. Also, the GPX files will be prepared sooner or later and we won’t print the paper maps anymore.

The meeting t-shirts will be available as well! They will be the functional type in dark blue most probably and with a white logo printed on a chest.

There is also Pre-meeting tour planned from Vienna to Uherský Brod so it makes sense for you to come from distant places because that way you will be able to spend a full week with us and with all the new friends. Just a little reminder that there is a separate registration form for the Pre-meeting tour.

We understand that traveling conditions and different restrictions are still uncertain. According to the Czech Ministry of Health, coming from most EU countries to Czechia is possible now. At least from countries marked in green on the map. The situation evolves rapidly now so if you are from an “orange” or “red” country, you can be green next week already. We will try to follow the situation and will somehow let you know. If you are from non-EU countries, please, check with your Embassy in the Czech Republic. Here is a list of them

We are all looking forward to meeting you in Uherský Brod in September!
Your AZUB team!

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