As same as in 2015, we will organize a pre-meeting tour so it makes sense to come. Not just for 4 meeting days, but for a complete week full of recumbent riding with old or new friends and also full of discovering new places.

Here is some important information:

Dates: 5th (6th) to 10th September + the meeting itself from 10th to 13th September 2020
Start: Vienna, Austria
Overall length: Around 230 km / 145 miles in 4 days
Cost: Free guide + support car + driver. Other expenses in Austria (3 days) similar to western Europe or the USA and somewhat cheaper in Czechia. Hotels will cost around 50 EUR per night per person.
Guide: Honza Galla, marketing manager of AZUB, and also a tourist guide with 12 years of experience.

Saturday (5th September) – We will meet each other during the day and will have an evening walk through Vienna city center visiting some of the major sights like Stephans Dom, Hofburg, or the State Opera.

Sunday (6th September) – We will cycle through Vienna on Sunday. There are great bike lanes everywhere and I know the city very very well. We will see a couple of great sights incl. a Prater or a Hundertwasser Haus, but also enjoy the so-known Donau island where Viennians spend their free time. We will end up in some accommodation east of Vienna. Note: We won’t have time to actually visit any of the sights inside (maybe one), but even just seeing everything from outside makes the visit in Vienna a great experience.

Monday (7th September) – Mostly cycling day. We will follow the Danube and Morava river and will enjoy the Austrian countryside with a possible short visit to Slovakia. Calm roads and cycling paths are waiting for us.

Tuesday (8th September) – Visit Lednice, Czechia, and the Lednice-Valtice area which is a UNESCO heritage site. We will spend part of the day cycling around and visiting different sights there. We will stay in some local winery overnight and will have to experience a wine tasting event (around 60 EUR per person).

Friday (9th September) – Ride through the beautiful countryside through picturesque villages and little towns to Uherský Brod.

Other information:
We understand that traveling conditions and different restrictions are still uncertain. According to the Czech Ministry of Health, coming from most EU countries to Czechia is possible now. At least from countries marked in green on the map. The situation evolves rapidly now so if you are from an “orange” or “red” country, you can be green next week already. We will try to follow the situation and will somehow let you know. If you are from non-EU countries, please, check with your Embassy in the Czech Republic. Here is a list of them. Register form filled by you shows your deep interest in participating in the Pre-meeting tour but isn’t binding in any way. We will take action in ordering the accommodation as late as middle of August. Other than that we are pretty flexible.

Questions? We are ready to answer them!

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Some of the places we will visit.