Thursday – short route – 43 km

  • West direction “blocks of flat, castles” (Křimice, Malešice)
  • Start at 2pm from campsite

There is a change between points 10 and 11. There is a new bicycle trail which is not yet available in

Recommended refreshments on the route:


  • Plzeň – čtvrť Skvrňany
    Blocks of flats build on the formar village which was destroyed by bombing during the second world war
  • Vejprnice
    Church sv. Vojtěcha (with alter on the west side)
  • Křimice
    Castle of the family Lobkowicz (inaccessible) with large park (accessible)
  • Malesice
    Castle (inaccessible)
  • Radčice
    on the way there is a view to the small castle (inaccessible)

Friday- 73 km

  • South direction “From Old Pilsen to Martin’s wall (Martinská stěna)” (Starý Plzenec, Nebílovy, Dobřany)
  • Start s at 9:30

Recommended refreshments on the route:
Starý Plzenec

Čižice (small side trip from the planned trip near Nebílov)


Plzeň – Valcha


Saturday – 55 km

  • North direction “To monks in Plasy across hills” (Třemošná, Hromnice, Plasy)
  • Start s at 9:30

The route is hilly. It is possible to shorten by train back to the station Plzeň-Bílá Hora

Recommended refreshments on the route:






Sunday – 44 km

  • East direction “To Rokycany” (Ejpovice, Rokycany)
  • Starts at 9:30


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